Night Rider

Darkness illuminates a purple sky

Soft blazes iridescent in the sky


Night Rider feels her horses sweat

Wet against her finger tips


Palms moisten with her touch

Her mares feelin' hot


Clippin' cross the prairie grass

Her dingo rides beside


Darkness illuminates all three to night

In the heat of this black night

Beads of sweat purple and iridescent

Underneath this great dark sky

Three females hurry home to night


Reine River (c.)



Captured Moments

Mounted tumbstones of savage western settings

Beautiful yet dangerously silent

Captured moments of poetic lore

Mystifing a thunder heart

Now the rain has pounded from this heart,

Leaving less or more still, waters

The passion lessons to a quiet moment

Mounted captured western folklore

Lovers who moved like bolts of thunder

Leave now a beat thats slower, cautious

Burried behind a glass payne

Left for my eyes to see

Stands statuesque

A moment less mystifing

More real to one thunder heart,

A poetic passion

These framed tumbstones in pewter, glass and wood

Are my western past some western treasured moments

Reine River (c.)

California Cowgirl

Great blue sky

With moving clouds

And silver tides for me

Crashing close beneath my feet

For my spurs to sing so free

Gusts of wind whisper suddenly

Wishing you could be with me

With the joy that gallops from my heart

A reflection like the sea

Reine River (c.)